Happy Feet Treads


Welcome! We are happy you are here. Care if we introduce ourselves a little? We want to make sure our treads are the right fit for you!

Our Mission

Dedicated to providing innovative solutions for safer, cooler, and happier feet, Happy Feet Treads enhances comfort and prevents slippery surfaces with high-quality adhesive stair pads, prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction.


Hello! Elise and Scott here!

Happy Feet Treads was an idea that became a product because of our daughters. We have a composite deck, like Trex, at our house. In the summer heat, our girls would avoid going into our backyard because they were afraid that they were going to burn their feet on the deck.

We got an outdoor area rug for the main part of the deck, which helped but they were still burning their feet on the stairs down from our second story deck. We thought of putting carpet treads on the stairs, but we decided that we didn’t want to increase the risk of someone tripping on them and falling down the stairs.

After a while noodling on it, we remembered being on my friend’s ski boat and loving the foam carpet. We realized that was the answer–self adhesive foam stair Treads! After finding the right manufacturer to carry out our idea, we installed treads for the summer of 2022 and . . . we LOVE them! We wanted to see how they did through the winter before manufacturing more of them and they did great, so here we are!

We manufactured a small batch of them to share with everyone. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

    Our Treads



    Self-adhesive and easy to install.



    Remain cool even in direct sunlight.



    Slip resistant even when they are wet.



    Soft and comfortable under your feet.