Happy Pro Program

We are committed to saving people and their feet AND making professional contractors look like pros!

Join the Happy Pro Program!

Level up your jobs with our luxury deck stair treads. Our "Happy Pro Program" is designed specifically for experts like you, providing exclusive access to our premium line of luxury EVA foam deck stair treads. Enhance your services with our innovative and stylish solutions, ensuring client satisfaction and boosting your business reputation. 

About the Product

The treads are made of a high performance material called EVA foam. It is the same material that has been used on yachts and ski boats for many years. The treads will keep your customers from burning their feet on their beautiful new deck you just built for them. They will also keep them from slipping and falling even when the deck is wet.

Benefits of Joining the Pro Program:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy significant savings on all EVA foam deck stair treads, allowing you to increase your profit margins.
  • Priority Access: Be the first to receive new product releases and updates, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • Marketing Materials: Receive high-quality marketing materials to help you promote our products effectively to your clients.

Earn more! How does it work?

We will set you up with a wholesale rate, which will allow you to get the product for well below the market rate. We will then allow you order materials as you need them for you jobs. We will ship them to your business/or house. You will install them and up charge the customer for materials and installation.

Why Join the Happy Pro Program?

  • Look like a Pro: Happy Feet Treads are clean cut and offer a very professional finish to your jobs that will set you apart from other contractors.
  • Increase your job value: With your Happy Pro discount you will be able to charge the home owner full market price for the treads AND charge for installation, which is an easy way to make a few hundred extra dollars on your jobs.
  • Save the Feet:  Additionally, you will be saving people and their feet in the areas where you work.

Get Started Today!

Join our Pro Program and Affiliate Sales Program to take your contracting business to the next level. With our luxury EVA foam deck stair treads, you'll not only meet but exceed your clients' expectations, establishing yourself as a leader in the industry. To join send us an email at admin@happyfeettreads.com

Our Treads



Self-adhesive and easy to install.



Remain cool even in direct sunlight.



Slip resistant even when they are wet.



Soft and comfortable under your feet.